Packaging Solutions

Quality Manufacturing can satisfy all your packaging needs: fold-slit-stack carton operations, vertical form-fill-seal, heat seal blister packs, radio frequency sealing of clear two piece PVC blisters are all processed at our plant. As a co-packer, we also provide value added activities like club packs for the major stores. Competitive pricing and superior customer service have become the hallmarks of our success. Quality Manufacturing has had contracts for: confectionery items, water filters, cameras and health care. We can take your products from the raw state to a completed skid (including trays if required) and ship directly to your customers.

  • Value Added Assembly
  • Labeling & Pad Printing
  • Folded Carton Filling
  • Form Fill & Seal
  • Die Cutting
  • Shrink Sleeve
  • L Bar Sealing

Secondary OperationsCustom Fold-Slit-Stack cartooning Machine

Quality Manufacturing orders raw materials from forecast, fill’s orders and maintains the custom equipment as a turnkey manufacturing process.  We convert, stock, store and manage inventory and ship direct to distribution centers from our facility.

Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Packaging

We own the Tintex Fabric Dye Brand in North America and are the exclusive manufacturer in Canada, the United States & Caribbean. All form-fill-and-seal packaging operations for our brand are done at our facility, in addition we offer contract vertical form fill and seal manufacturing for others. 

Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

Radio Frequency Sealing (RF)

High frequency/radio frequency welding or sealing uses electromagnetic energy to generate heat and, under pressure, bond two PVC films or blisters together. With heat sealing a single backer card is placed in that equipment; with RF a sheet of either clear or printed PVC is inserted.

Depending on the size of the product, this sheet can be for several individual packages. If clear PVC is used for both the back and front blisters, then a printed card or paper can be inserted into the pack before sealing. This type of sealing is very common when customers require a tamper proof package. As with heat sealing, custom made tools are produced to match the details of the blister and backer. The RF equipment indexes through several stations on a turntable to provide a finished product in the last station.

Heat Sealing

A blister package consists of a formed piece of PVC plastic attached to an adhesive coated paperboard. The paperboard is manufactured specifically for blister packaging, and printed with special wax-free inks. Both ingredients are essential to blister packaging, and without both, the blister will not adhere to the paper.

The paper and plastic are bonded together in a blister sealer; a hot plate presses down on to a custom made tool for the blister and card combo. The tooling is made with a cavity to fit the outline of the blister piece, and a raised gasket is on the face of the tool, shaped to match the outline of the cavity. The blister flange (the part that seals to the card) sits on the gasket when inserted into the tray cavity. After the product is inserted, the card is put on top face down. Spring loaded pins outline the card area, to locate the card properly.

After the blister, product and card are loaded, the tray is indexed into the heating station, where the hot plate is pressed down upon the custom made tool. The combination of heat and pressure is enough to activate the adhesive on the face of the card and create a bond between plastic and paper, and a finished product.