Company Profile

Quality Manufacturing was founded 20 years ago in Eastern Ontario. Our Mission is to consistently excel at providing innovative and integrated solutions as they apply to moulding, assembly and packaging. Our reliable staff aims to always create maximum value for each of our respected customers.

Our modern plant exceeds the expectations of today's custom manufacturing market with a skilled staff that has many years of production experience. We are committed to manufacturing excellence, projects are completed on time and on budget. Customers large and small depend on us to execute their manufacturing and moulding requirements to very high standards. We produce oral care products, health care products, safety products and consumer goods. Our technical professionals are driven to provide the best results. 

We have 7 injection moulding presses ranging in size from 40 to 300 tons. We provide insert moulding and utilize robotic part handling (all machines are equipped with robotics). Our staff works with many different plastics and is able to meet the most demanding requirements. We have various decorating applications available to serve the industrial, consumer and electronics markets. Our customers include Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders. 

Quality Manufacturing has unique and sought after abilities and experience to convert customer inspirations in reality.  Our innovative processes and varied range of fabrication knowledge enable us to get products to consumers on budget. We thrive on developing mass-market production products from concept to reality. For the Marshall Fridge project, mini bar fridges were converted into a custom product that sold in excess of 30,000 units in over 10 countries.  We produced, packaged and shipped each unit.  It is important to us that we provide a turnkey opportunity.

From planning and design to construction, operation & production, we are committed to meeting your production objectives, budgets and deadlines. We provide innovative engineering, technical support and, management for all of your projects. We develop customized solutions for your technical challenges and provide turnkey results. Quality Manufacturing delivers a wide range of custom manufacturing services. We are ready to put our experienced, trained staff and modern, efficient equipment to work for you.

Our specialties include: mould development & design, injection moulding, machining, machine design, packaging and production assembly.