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Fabrication Overview

Quality Manufacturing offers the most current state of the art high-speed equipment available. We have developed and manufactured over 50 dental floss winding machines for Fortune 500 companies. The proprietary, technologically advanced machines are currently operating in Blue Chip facilities worldwide. Our team has designed, developed and proved out new methodologies and associated techniques to wind dental floss on consumer packaging sized bobbins. To streamline the manufacturing processes, we develop unique equipment in order to provide cost effective products. We provide automated process machinery engineered to your specifications, and rise to the specific challenges each project has.

Practices & Techniques Developed:

  • Dramatic speed increase with reduced cycle time to wind one bobbin from 15 seconds to only 3.5 seconds.
  • Only one operator is required for up to 6 machines.
  • Ability to wind waxed, mint waxed, dentotape and PTFE (Teflon)
  • Ability to add up to 1% of micro crystalline wax or bees wax directly on our equipment.
  • Accuracy independent of length or type of floss is between label length & label length plus half a meter.
  • Length of floss wound on each bobbin from 100% and 101% of the specified length, always on a consistent basis, independent on the type of floss being wound.

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Case Study: Dental Floss Winder Capabilities

A European manufacturer had us design and manufacture a dental floss winding machine with a much shorter cycle time and less operator intervention than existing machines. The main challenge was to redesign the floss handling system to be able to work at an extremely high speed change; the speed was over 8x faster then the rate of existing machines. A secondary challenge was to devise a new length measurement system, which would work accurately with different types of floss. We exceeded our customers' requirements and the machine is in production.

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